One of the most frequent operations in oral surgery is tooth extraction. Even though nobody ever wishes to lose a tooth, doing so when your dentist or oral surgeon advises it can be advantageous medically and improve your mouth’s general health. Even though the process might seem intimidating, you will be in good hands with a highly qualified and experienced team.

How Does Tooth Extraction Help Improve Your Smile?

Depending on your oral health needs, dental care may have two primary goals: preventing problems from worsening. The only realistic way to prevent further harm to your oral health in some severe cases of oral health problems is to extract a compromised tooth before it can cause more problems. Wisdom tooth extraction is a routine operation. However, there are additional causes for teeth extractions, including:

After it has been removed, you’ll need to get new teeth. If the gap is not closed, your jawbone may not receive enough stimulation, which could cause it to lose density and strength. Because chewing can help release nutrients into the bloodstream, eating difficulties may result in nutritional deficiencies. Your dentist will take precise images of your mouth before the procedure to fully grasp what is needed and ensure the surgery is successful and efficient.

McCartney Dental can Help With Tooth Extractions.

In general, tooth extraction is an emphasis rather than a specialty. At McCartney Dental, we can help you restore confidence in your oral health—call (941) 423-4334 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonathan McCartney immediately. Your oral health is the top priority of the dentists at McCartney Dental. And we strive to ensure you’re cared for in our office.