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7 Signs You Have the Best Dentist

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Finding the perfect dentist can take time. Every dentist has their own unique approach to dental care, patient care, and the technology used in their dental office. Finding a good dentist is great, but finding the best dentist means that your dental visits will be far more enjoyable. Here are seven signs that show you have the best dentist:

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They Listen

As a patient, there is nothing more frustrating that voicing concerns to someone who doesn’t appear to be listening. The best dentist will actively listen to patient’s concerns and ensure they are completely comfortable before proceeding with treatment.

They are Respectful

Great dentists are respectful of their patient’s time and needs. They will help their patient determine the best type of treatment and try to offer alternatives if possible. Additionally, they will respect the patient by being on time and having short wait times, as well as working with them on financial constraints.

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Has a Clean Office

An important part of being the best dentist is having a clean, neat dental office. Treatment supplies should be properly stored to prevent contamination and there should be no trash or debris littered about. A clean office is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is essential to prevent infection and the spread of sickness. The best dentist will of course have the best dental office that is both clean and comforting.

Is Personable

Dentists that take the time to get to know their patients can ultimately provide better care because they know how to better address their dental and personal needs. As a patient, it is also comforting to feel that your dentist genuinely cares about your well-being.

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Takes Time to Educate You

A great dentist should take the time to educate you on things like your oral health, good dental habits, and treatment options. They should do their best to explain things to you so that you can properly maintain your oral health or make an educated decision regarding treatment.

Contacts You Between Appointments

Great dentists will want to maintain long-term contact with their patients. This means they will follow up when it’s time for dental exams and help you schedule appointments that work with your schedule. They will also check in on you after certain dental treatments to make sure you are recovering with no problems.

Not a Salesperson

Finally, the best dentist will truly be a dentist and not a salesperson. A good dentist will not try to sell you things you don’t need, like certain produces and treatments. Instead, they will be devoted to finding you the best treatment that works for you.

Overall, finding the best dentist can take time. However if you have a dentist that does these things, you are one of the lucky few who has found their perfect dentist.

mccartney dental office florida

Dr. Jonathan McCartney received his doctorate from Case Western Dental School. After a few years of practicing in another dental office, Dr. McCartney’s goal was to create an environment for his patients that combines the most advanced dental technology with gentle, affordable, individualized care. The end result of this goal is McCartney Dental, a state of the art North Port modern dental facility.


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